Basic Double Lift – Learn Card Magic Tricks

April 22, 2013 by Admin  
Filed under Magic Tricks Cool This video will teach you how to do the very important double lift or multiple lift card sleight. A beginner level card sleight…


24 Responses to “Basic Double Lift – Learn Card Magic Tricks”
  1. Sean L says:

    And doublelift GETS THE PENTA KILL!

  2. DjSnaggleTooth says:

    I thought this was a league of legends video for tf and clg

  3. popemobile15 says:

    I have done this. People are stupid

  4. Lancemag says:

    Your demonstration is very detailed description. I have quoted this film to my Blog ; then I can introduce this card technique to the members in Taiwan, who are interested in learning it. Thank you very much.

  5. Mrmagicianrookie says:

    you need to brake the card when you lift

  6. wellesradio says:

    I love magic and I’m trying to learn a few tricks. I’m glad stuff like this is out there. Some people think that palming, double lifts and false pickups are tricks in and of themselves, but they’re not. One kid tried to wow me the other day by doing a simple double lift (wow, the top card jumped down!) I told him that’s not a real trick and then did a simple trick using a DL- he was still amazed and asked how I did it! It was just a DL with some fancy distraction and a regular shuffle thrown in!

  7. ElmoPansy says:

    Exactly. Penn Jillette talked about that exact thing, about how he’d show people moves like palming a card and then right after that he would do a trick that involved palming a card, and the spectators still couldn’t understand how it was done.

  8. Shirowd says:

    GUYS plz check this video write ” Card technique : the joker “ and see the first video !

  9. Walloute says:

    you’re an idiot. I believe that you doesn’t know that is the magic! knocker

  10. bankNbakeGuy says:

    hahahahhahhaha good shit, i was about to say the same thing but you said it way better

  11. Magicman9185 says:

    I just learnt this amazing card trick!
    Thats where i found it, its a great place!

  12. bijand25 says:

    Have a car wreck and die faggot.

  13. bijand25 says:

    Wow. You’re a fuckin Genious. I mean, I’ve never heard anyone explain it like that. So, I turn a card over, then 2 then 1 then 2 then 1 again, turn the deck at an angle all the while have some corny ass music playing and then rub the back of the deck like I rub my wife’s asshole. That’s the double lift.

  14. Cole Green says:

    i see you use a pinky break, interesting

  15. Hakim starr says:

    Good Tutorial:D

  16. unboundmadman says:

    you are the first person who shows a double lift tech that works so nice thank you i willl try and learn it :) i have much fun just with my invis deck :) :)

  17. yaglourt . says:

    ok it’s a joke, i did’nt see his nick…

  18. VladTheImpalerAltLP says:

    haha boyd

  19. almadlamy says:

    you made my day

  20. bertiethetoupee4 says:

    It’s so obvious in this demonstration – I don’t see how anyone can’t get it! It’s a lovely sleight and really tricky but lovely all the same.

  21. Paolo Presto says:

    I DONT GET IT! -.-

  22. yaglourt . says:

    Your commentary = useless

  23. localmoron15 says:

    No commentaryy = useless

  24. MabuxSelalu says:

    smoothly done

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