Amazing Ways to Balance Coins

March 27, 2015 by Admin  
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Here are some tricks that can be performed using magnetic coins. By this we do not mean coins that are themselves magnets, rather we refer to real coins that can be picked up using a magnet….
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25 Responses to “Amazing Ways to Balance Coins”
  1. Dolan Zilla says:

    Fucking magnets, how do they work?!

  2. Brock Harrison says:

    are many coins attracted to magnets? because here in Australia they are all
    made from non-ferrous metal.

  3. Raughing outRoud says:

    What if there were no friction?

    How long would they spin for then?

  4. ID GAF says:

    I have done this with paper clips but when I remove the paper clips from
    the magnetic field they are still stuck together well out of range of the
    magnet by a mysterious force which I cannot explain.

  5. Will Stevens says:

    :( this doesn’t work with American coins

  6. ItsJoshIAm says:

    this is how inception should have ended

  7. millionsteve says:

    This is the work of the devil I say.

  8. TheFloydsta says:


  9. ValenceBlade says:

    what if you take the magnets away?

  10. Tom Hargil says:

    Why didn’t you spin them?!?!?!?!?!

  11. Omran Akasha says:
  12. Scotty G says:

    As Jesse would say “Yeah Mr.White, Yeah Science” or “YEAH BITCH MAGNETS!!!”

  13. Stephan Pöhnlein says:

    I love your videos!

  14. Sivasai Gandrothu says:


  15. bluhousworker says:

    What country makes magnetic coins?

  16. inyazserg Sergey Larin says:

    You make outstanding videos!
    PS It’s also amazing how your videos seem to be in 720p even when the video
    quality on Youtube is set to 480p.

  17. Logan Bryant says:

    thanks alot for stealing my night grand illusions

  18. Shaikh Mashadi says:


  19. Jessie Dohrn says:


  20. pHaTdProductions says:

    russian hacker stole this video idea by the way

  21. netherealmprince says:


  22. Darwingreen5 says:

    Shame you can’t do this with American coins.

  23. William Boso says:

    1:41 is the best part.

    “Oh my.”

  24. Stuart D89 says:

    I think they will see the magnets when I try this down the pub.

  25. Irwin Wade says:

    that’s cheating man

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