AMAZING Sandwich Magic Trick – TUTORIAL

April 20, 2015 by Admin  
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Disturb Reality Playing Cards KICKSTARTER: Here’s an awesome card sandwich effect that utilizes two duplicate cards. Learn the SAC move:…


25 Responses to “AMAZING Sandwich Magic Trick – TUTORIAL”
  1. Disturb Reality says:

    Here’s an awesome card sandwich effect that utilizes two duplicate cards.
    Check out my Kickstarter to produce a Disturb Reality themed deck of cards
    that features two duplicate cards in each deck.

    Disturb Reality Playing Cards KICKSTARTER:

    I ask that if you’ve ever gotten any benefit from watching Disturb Reality
    that you pledge $1 to my Kickstarter project. Thanks to everyone who has
    already shared it on social media and backed the project.

  2. TheRussianGenius says:

    Looks nice!

  3. Random Space Thing says:

    I went to a party the other day where I didn’t knew anyone, started doing
    magic and had a really good time!

  4. fastfowler Parkour says:

    Hey Jarek 1:20 I really want to back your kickstarter project but I am only
    a kid and I am not allowed but the decks are ace and if I could get one I

  5. RobKobe88 says:

    Disturb Reality do u still live in L.A

  6. WavyBullets says:

    If we want to email you a trick idea is the email for that Or is it different since it says that email
    is business inquires 

  7. Simone Camillo says:

    what’s the name of the gimmick card at 1.21 that burn and change in another

  8. KC Sutherland says:

    Amazing. I know that there are duplicate cards, but just seeing the
    performance, I’m clueless. Can’t wait to see how it’s done! 

  9. AxionGaming_ says:

    Whenever he flashes those pictures, with the sounds, it scares me.

  10. Maaz Kazmi says:

    A great video again. Keep it up man!

  11. MagicYaker says:

    Backed! Good luck brutha, and thx for all you have taught me!

  12. shaheen Fattoe says:

    Do you have a guess on when the decks will be shipped out

  13. MAGO JUDAS says:

    Thank’s You, exelent trick!!!

  14. Joshua NGO says:

    I have a better magic trick [tutorial]
    Go to someone in a restaurant and tell them to close their eyes and think
    of a card when they’re doing this. East as much food on their plate as you
    can and run away.

  15. MoneyMagic316 says:

    Jarek you’re awesome really love your videos and I know your kickstarted
    will get backed. Keep it up!!

  16. Thekingshyguy says:

    Can you teach the flip stick move.

  17. RoadToMyObjectives says:

    I’ve been looking for this for a long time….THX!!!

  18. Life is MAGIC says:

    You are amazing you really are I gave you some money I am from England btw
    good look with your channel for the future you are the best magician I know
    and have seen better than Dynamo David Blaine ect but yeh congrats with
    your channel so far pleas could you take some time to appreciate some offy
    videos pleas as I have gave you a bit off money thanks jerak 120!!!!!!:)

  19. Jarod Maurice says:

    Can you show and teach us your mentalism trick pls

  20. Dan Iacovache says:

    I stoped street magic when some nigger got scared and punched me

  21. Pedemonte Mario says:

    nice, but i dont like duplicate tricks :D but awesome ^^ 

  22. theisthemice says:

    I think I met you a long time ago in Michigan…

  23. dskid28 says:

    Jarek I’ve done a couple of tricks in my spanish class and they love it. i
    did the healed and resealed trick but 2 of my friends had 2 look up how i
    did it and they happen 2 stumple upon ur vid. it’s really fun watching
    their reactions and im getting requested 2 do tricks. I did the phone
    calculator prediction 2 and that was a hit. I didn’t get to do it as long
    as i wouldve hoped but it was a success. thanks 4 ur tutorials they really
    help me out 

  24. Aspire To Inspire says:

    +Simone Camillo You need a flash card. You can buy them at most magic
    shops. Hope this helps 

  25. Jaden Gullett says:

    I know one you can do with a duplicate card just go to my channel

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