Amazing Magic Tricks of Zach King’s Craziest Vine Compilation

December 17, 2014 by Admin  
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25 Responses to “Amazing Magic Tricks of Zach King’s Craziest Vine Compilation”
  1. Joe Bigornia says:

    I love it! But of course..there is what we call Adobe After Effects ;) 

  2. Cansu Drn says:

    Wouwww :D 

  3. Brandon Whitfield says:

    So video editing is considered magic now…

  4. Ladies man217 says:

    poppin right

  5. tracey burge says:

    Holy crap howd u…

  6. Savaş Doğan says:

    İşten bunalanlar için biraz mola ;) Amazing Magic Tricks of Zach King’s
    Craziest Vine Compilation

  7. SolrSurfr3 says:

    This is what I imagine Hogwarts dropouts do with their free time XD

  8. The minecart miner says:

    I ❤️

  9. delaney grace says:

    your are so cool i want to know how you do that .

  10. lex boo says:


  11. Andrew Bara says:

    “Zach, NO MAGIC!”

  12. Rayia Olson says:

    4:56 i wish i could do that xD

  13. Carolina Munoz says:

    How do you do that the magic and all those cool tricks 

  14. Eva Jansone says:

    1:42 iphone stone !!

  15. Scout TheDingdong says:

    that is so awesome

  16. pompomworld says:

    7:23 LOL 

  17. vincentius sakunyart says:

    07:17 that gixxer tho

  18. Golden Freddy says:

    There mostly speicial effects

  19. Dakota Massucco says:

    at like 6:10 the rubiks cube has two yellow sides but still great videos

  20. Scott M says:


  21. kami martin says:

    so of it might to be fake but its awesome

  22. Cristian Ferman says:

    This shit is getting old. He does the same stupid shit.

  23. TheCodgamingwii says:

    LOL! They are all made with after effects idiot

  24. Man Slender says:

    6:50 is the best one ‘n the funniest :D 

  25. veronica villa says:

    i liked the watermelon getting sliced

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