Amazing Levitation Magic Trick! Floating Straw Illusion Animation

February 5, 2015 by Admin  
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An ordinary straw levitates, animates, and floats from one hand to the other in this Magic Illusion performance. Mike St. Clair AKA ScreamfreakRewind demonst…
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25 Responses to “Amazing Levitation Magic Trick! Floating Straw Illusion Animation”
  1. anne crowley says:

    I want a tuitriou

  2. Samuel Glazer says:


  3. Daniel Mendoza says:

    Cool but complicated

  4. utsav kumar says:

    please tell me that trick

  5. Yash Mistry says:

    How to do that

  6. Brian Woodbeck says:

    How do you use string like that though

  7. Cupcake Brown says:

    Fuk this fat ass nerd lookin version of brock leasner ass bitch

  8. Levi Morris says:

    Cool trick that is awesome did you use loops I told heaps of my friends to
    watch your videos and to subscribe to your channel 

  9. christian mcdonald says:


  10. Ryan Clements says:


  11. Pavle Vrkes says:


  12. ci hao lam says:

    You just used invisible loops 

  13. TheGingacat says:


  14. Magic Bro's Inc. says:

    I need to know how that is done

  15. Julian Magician says:

    Name of the trick please

  16. אורי טוביאנה says:

    how to do that????

  17. al perez says:

    How did u do that



  19. soundsLikeWUBBWUBB says:

    at least give a hint.are you only using loops or also an itr?

  20. Nikola Markovic says:

    this is easy,guys just watch his other videos and u will notice few named
    invisible rubber band.

  21. Mario Alegria says:


  22. Alfonso saenz says:

    good trick 

  23. Hugo Lac says:

    hes rolling the straw a string :) 

  24. Awkward Gaming says:

    what string are you using

  25. Screamfreak Magic Revealed! says:

    Check out my video “How To Make Things Levitate” I think you will find what
    you are looking for.

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