7 Simple Science Tricks With Household Items

April 21, 2015 by Admin  
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7 Simple PRANKS With Household Items: http://youtu.be/BEL0Fy_zP4s These are some simple to do science tricks that I found online from various sources. I took the coolest ones and put them…
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25 Responses to “7 Simple Science Tricks With Household Items”
  1. E3_PLAYER says:

    1:07 i just did that i can lift that finger :/

  2. Iris Jackson says:


  3. Brivann says:

    best vid ever

    don’t let the hate get to you :) *sub*

  4. PsychoticSheep says:

    I couldn’t get the matches to balance and I almost ended up catching my
    house on fire.

  5. Elai S says:

    The first trick didn’t work…

  6. TheGaming Pie says:

    First trick doesn’t work i tryed more than 15 times but thats is impossible

  7. Zanodia says:

    Was not impossible.. just very painful.

  8. Mr S 1986 says:

    really cool

  9. yashwanth kolloju says:

    7 Simple Science Tricks With Household Items: https://youtu.be/YSVW4Utdy6o

  10. Swag - Gaming says:

    Nice 1 hahaha

  11. TheScienceIsReal says:

    Good video. And actually it rains because the clouds are filled with lots
    of tiny rain droplets and the cloud gets heavy and releases them. The wind
    blows because the sun warms the ground with releases hot pockets of air
    going upward and they collide with cold air making the air rush and turn
    into wind. The leaves fall because the air is starting to get colder and it
    makes the leaves die and shrivel up. :) 

  12. rosario casamayor says:
  13. Chloe Driscoll says:

    Wow those r amazing!x plz carry on with the videos!

  14. Ğhâýţh Al-Roumani says:

    7 Simple Science Tricks With Household Items: http://youtu.be/YSVW4Utdy6o

    Those ecpriments are cool

  15. Nathaniel Deleon says:

    3:20 who you calling a kid, im 11 years old xD.

  16. Elai S says:

    lol lol

  17. Birute00 says:

    Obviously. :D 

  18. Rainbow Cereal says:

    Awesome video man. Do you know why we have earthquakes? Because mother
    nature is obviously having cramps. :P 

  19. Sunil Nepal says:

    that’s not purple nor blue at 2:48, looks green to me. Or is it only me? 

  20. MinerVision says:

    so am i

  21. Rafid Mahdi says:

    Great video!! Recently subbed to you and already love the content, keep it
    up! :D 

  22. Ynot says:

    The Tower on the picture in the background Stands in Germany. :) Love Germany…
    *and the Card Trick is awesome

  23. Brendan Dominez says:

    I did the pepper soap one

  24. Pineapple Wolfu says:

    With my luck at 4:20 my hand would slip and I would stab myself.. with the
    end of a pen… yea…
    But over all good educational and humorous video, subbed =) 

  25. Belal Eltemsah says:

    I donrt know science science

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