4 Girl Chair Trick!

December 26, 2014 by Admin  
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25 Responses to “4 Girl Chair Trick!”
  1. Quillo Manar says:

    Alternate title: “Four girls, no chair.”

  2. SKYRIM LORD says:

    Just put the glass pane on top and start eating!

  3. Marvan Hogan says:

    Patent pending.

  4. Abel Lawliet says:

    The Human Octopus!
    Beautiful, way cooler than that Human Centipede. 

  5. Fletcher DeMaine says:

    Dafuq! I came here for scat porn.
    I am deceived.

  6. Stormy Martin says:

    Dose it hurt? It looks like a lot of fun !!!!

  7. Brony 007 UA says:


  8. fok dreknek says:

    Nice, nice, now lick eachothers pussies;)

  9. Santana Montana says:

    hmm my penis seems to have become erect during the course of this video..

  10. Soaches says:

    Does this work with guys?

  11. puzzlebox says:

    now stick your fingers in eachother!

  12. Le Sien says:

    I lost myself when it goes “spin attempt”

  13. Kyle Andrews says:

    And after the 2:13 mark we all know what happens
    next……………………..4 girl hair lick!…………….unless they
    shave ; )

  14. IdealIdeas100 says:

    How much is it to get one of these chairs installed into my place?

  15. The Gnostic Truth says:

    A human tautology.

  16. Thorin Oakenshield says:

    salut c’est cool.

  17. Jinmyo osho says:

    4 Girl Chair Trick!

  18. White Dragon says:

    This reminds me of the Euro-zone’s unified monetary policy. If one euro
    using country defaults, every country defaults. In this case, if a bitch
    falls, they all fall.


  19. Thomas Gehman says:

    +Joseph Roman +Andrew Savery +Caleb Bird…guess what we’re doing

  20. Jograjiya Harisang says:

    4 Girl Chair Trick!: http://youtu.be/BQJtV_YLuNE

  21. julie le says:

    I did this with my friends at school cuz it was free time thing and the
    first couples of time it was hard but it was fun

  22. kidsarthub says:

    this is cool

  23. Joseley Quevedo says:

    Shouldn’t you have done it over a softer surface? It looks like it would
    really hurt if someone fell! Its cool none the less! I might try it in time

  24. Julia Tannenbaum says:

    we did this in science class lol

  25. iboy32 says:

    1:05 DONE!! Now we can try to see boobiez… *_*

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