2013 Tony Awards: Neil Patrick Harris Opening Number HD

March 24, 2015 by Admin  
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Neil Patrick Harris hosts the 67th Annual Tony Awards and delivers an epic show opener involving casts from numerous musicals. Aired Sunday, June 9, 2013 on CBS. Closing number with Audra…


25 Responses to “2013 Tony Awards: Neil Patrick Harris Opening Number HD”
  1. Bálint Ujvári says:

    the creator of facebook is not impressed ( or he thought the magic trick
    was too simple ) 7:53

  2. Son Goku says:


    (Wait for it)

  3. Cazza Cornetto says:

    Almost two years later and he is still up there…

  4. Keiku says:

    I honestly don’t think any award show opening will ever compare to this one

  5. Raul Mejia says:

    Wow! Neil is gonna make this year’s Oscars be Legen – wait for it… Dary!

  6. deborah nesbit says:

    Neil Patrick Harris can play the guitar?

  7. LopsidedCircle says:

    dude, i wish i could see it from NPH’s view at the end, hanging there like
    that. he is athletic as fuck

  8. You Say Weird, I Say Teenager says:

    This is what true artist are! Real talent is on broadway

  9. za x says:

    اجرای مراسم اسکار امسال بر عهده نیل پاتریک هریسِ نازنینه
    ویدیئو رو ببینید تا با شمه ای از استعداد بی نظیر این آدم آشنا بشید

  10. Lisa Iannucci says:

    I’ve watched this more times than I care to admit. LOL It’s AWESOME.

  11. Ananya Sengupta says:

    Wait so is the mic on his head? like within the strands of his hair?

  12. mrwassup2000 says:

    What’s in his hair

  13. shammy davisjr says:

    Great performence but what I want to know is ,what the fuck was Cindy
    Lauper eating at the Tony’s ? 7:22

  14. Janella Navarro says:

    This is better than his Oscars opening number. 

  15. Richard Li says:

    Neil Patrick Harris is fabulous!

  16. kari0901 says:

    If ever a performance deserved a standing ovation, this was most definitely
    it. Spectacular!

  17. Celtic Dave says:

    when NPH jumps through that hoop at 2:50 i nearly shit myself, that was
    legendary! that easily could have went all kinds of bad, lol if i tried
    that id break my neck, the man is a showman, best host ever!

  18. Absinthevideo says:

    HOW did he get to the back of the auditorium in 18 seconds?

  19. Daniel Sperstad says:

    What do mike say right after neil say nigger.

  20. Serene Vannoy says:

    Anyone know who wrote this song? I have just been loving the hell out of
    this video for the past couple of days. (Thanks, +Carey Rasmus!)

  21. Saint Jimmy says:

    Niklas! You missed this post!

  22. Ryan Albrecht says:

    There’s a reason why the standing ovation is a solid minute.

  23. Alberto Pante says:

    M A R A V I L H O S O . . . F A N T Á S T I C O . . .

  24. darkness904 says:

    The look on Debra Messing’s face says it all. Really an amazing, flawless

  25. Alex P. says:

    3:41 the second from the right, oona Laurence, the best matilda by far

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