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Magicians Rick Lax and Justin Flom can make magic out of anything! How many of these tricks have you seen before? http://www.mashable.com LIKE us on FACEBOOK…


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  1. Kuya Baza says:

    Newspaper trick, pre glued 5to5 fold againts the prop rip paper

    Ball, its a fold in color prop

    Rubix cube, the only show one face and used another rigged cube to replace
    colors of the taken 9 colors, they never showed the first face

    Cigarrete, fillings is magicians matches or flash paper

    Gum, he held the gum pack in his palm like the quater grab trick

    Oreos, i have no clue…. Fucking genius

    Coke glass, DO NOT TRY but you can do that… Its a sport i think but if
    you fast enough it shouldnt hurt as bad

    Phone n fork, im mind fucked

    The mr goodbar, one of thw candy bars are rigged, one of them is just a
    wrapper that he plaved under so he can crush then display only the top bar
    along with the third he held with his left hand

    Dollar flatter thing, its a rigg, theres pre rolled coils that take that
    placed dollar and reels under that black belt, while the new pre placed
    dollar is rolled out.

    NO CAMERA OR EDITING, i just seen some of these, but the rest like the
    rubix is a guess and most likely right Because he never dide show the face
    again, he rolled and displayed the fixed parts


  2. Nusm4 says:

    The magic of editing…

  3. Peter Tran says:

    Magic isn’t real. 

  4. Dathotness4ya says:

    1:40 That fork-balancing trick just is a demonstration of how many
    magicians would have no career without the use of magnets. For real. I
    can’t imagine a magician surviving without the phenomenon of magnetism.

  5. Brian Workman says:

    Oh, I want to see this. +Amanda Stephens 

  6. BinkieMcFartnuggets says:

    If someone asks you to do a magic trick and the only thing lying around is
    a young girl’s heart, apparently all you need is music.

  7. Coz Baldwin says:

    Hey you. Watch this show. It looks awesome — and yeah, I kinda know the
    guy in the tie.

  8. Mashable says:

    Magicians Rick Lax and Justin Flom can make magic out of anything! How many
    of these tricks have you seen before?

  9. Борзый says:

    детские фокусы :( 

  10. Pete Cashmore says:

    Magicians Rick Lax and Justin Flom can make magic out of anything! How many
    of these tricks have you seen before?

  11. rowelle says:

    Justin Flom is sexy.

  12. Mr_Valensmalls says:

    Guys, we all know magic isnt real, but sleight of hand is and that was what
    they were doing. Duh

  13. Magneto! says:

    As a magician myself, I know how all of these tricks were done. Its kind of
    sad though, I wish that I didn’t know.

  14. Jason Green says:

    really people.. magic is not fake. magic is seeing the awe and wonder in
    people as u perform illusions and tricks before them.. seeing the amazment
    on their face when you float a card around the room.. that’s the magic

  15. CowsRule says:

    Tricked into believing they were brothers, only to discover from the
    description they weren’t.

  16. Danielle Pearce says:

    Lol!! That was awesome! 

  17. HaxxtasticPvP says:

    how the hell do you chew a dry oreo without writhing in pain

  18. Patrick Lewis says:

    Can someone please explain to me that oreo trick? Thanks

  19. Micah Fischer says:

    You had one job Mashable, link to Wizard Wars http://www.syfy.com/wizardwars
    Seriously though, this is a family friendly show you can watch with the
    kids and be entertained as well. The magic on the show is fun and cool.
    Catch the back episodes if you missed any :) 

  20. Brandonr98 says:

    They pause the video right before they do the trick

  21. John Prell says:

    Really fun to watch. Watch the Oreo trick!

  22. POTIS1 says:



    1 NEW SUBSCRIBER~! <<<<<<<<

  24. Jeremy Reynolds says:


  25. Azmin Creator says:

    01:47 .. caught u red handed .. power of editing guys ..

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