10 Amazing Illusions

February 1, 2015 by Admin  
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This is compilation check out my full videos: AK 47 mag optical illusion – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q7iKMfO0Sak Awesome 20 Dollar Bill illusion! – http…


25 Responses to “10 Amazing Illusions”
  1. GravityZER00 says:

    Taras you need to stop Copying The Crazy Russians videos seriously it
    doesn’t make you cool

  2. CanadianNerdFighter says:

    The very last illusion is easy to explain and shows the complexity of our
    brains. His head disappears because we we have a natural blind spot, where
    our optic nerves channel back out side of the eye to the brain. We don’t
    notice this because our brains fill in the spot, the same way that we don’t
    see our noses, but they are in our vision.

    So his when his head is in the blind spot it disappears, his body is an odd
    shape, its not consistent so our brain doesn’t put a head in. just fills in
    it with the white background. Because the stick is longer than the width of
    the blind spot our brains can see each end, so it fills it in with the rest
    of the stick.

  3. Jason Alexander says:


  4. Berger Man says:

    “And guess what gonna happened.”
    Wtf? Work on your grammar.

  5. Aqmar Hasan says:

    “you have like small sausage instead of finger..” – oh my, i replay this
    part like 7 times..

  6. Donna Manning says:

    Pretty amazing!

  7. Alex Lucas says:

    Why would you steel his content dick head

  8. Jeff Davis says:

    you stole crazy russian hackers vid!

  9. alex endergirl says:

    OMG THE LAST ONE WORKS… but I know how, you have blind spots in your eyes
    so that’s how you some times can’t see something

  10. Chris Young says:


  11. Nova Alyousef says:

    like the mirror now I want it were can I find it xD 

  12. Najier S says:

    Is this Crazy Russian Hacker?

  13. Tactical MC says:


  14. dumptonpark says:

    Cor a headless Russian man.

  15. Alex Gonzalez says:

    So Trippy last one

  16. TheFutbolCrew says:

    You know to me you look like Karam Benzema

  17. Ender Hunter says:

    I don’t understand the last one. It doesn’t work for me

  18. Matthew Steele says:

    When i close my right eye i keep look at the X but when you do the stick
    up&down all i see is your head i cant see your body only your head wtf?

  19. MayhemZip says:

    I found the one with the AK-MAGS while playing airsoft, just middle in the
    field like: Wtf, this one is bigger than the other!? then i switched them
    around- Magic, WTF? then I sat them on top of eachother… I was so

  20. spencer thompson says:

    I found something different with that cross illusion I was looking at the
    cross with my right eye covered and I looked at you and the cross

  21. SonicCrafter 26 says:

    taras you need to stop getting crazy Russian hacker’s videos and posting
    em, its just not right and against the rules! 

  22. JosephTheZombie says:

    You suck you steal crazy Russian hackers videos

  23. Bjorn Goessens says:

    is this weird when ever i do my eyes wide open it looks like there is
    something dubbel
    when ever i look at my hands with my eyes wide open it looks like i have 4
    hands ,-,

  24. Eian Agapito says:


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