10 amazing bets you will always win – NEW! (Ep 12)

January 24, 2015 by Admin  
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25 Responses to “10 amazing bets you will always win – NEW! (Ep 12)”
  1. YouTube says:

    You. Will. Not. Lose. 

  2. Adolf Hitler says:

    *I don’t have friends;(*

  3. AndrewProductionsTV says:

    Perhaps Niki Minaj just lost a series of bets.

  4. oreskec says:

    quirkology, PLEASE, get a better camera, it’s 2014, I seriously can’t watch
    480p on 4k monitor, sorry, but I can’t

  5. Niels7Edits says:

    Pretty funny how there are 11 bets in this video ;) 

  6. mattfox14 says:

    Your friends must be pretty dumb if after losing 110 bets they accept
    another 10

  7. MNTLPyroz says:

    Its freaking 2014! Upload in 720p or at least remove the black bars at the

  8. Subarashi64 says:

    how to do the 7 thing? i didn’t understand

  9. Maricella Myers says:

    u did the horse match one already in 1 of dese

  10. PrettyStone Park says:

    That guy looks very angry

  11. happypuppy123 says:

    Challenge ur friend that u can eat a pizza in three bites to won the bet
    put the pizza hotdog style and now eat it u will win everytime

  12. Erik Fejes says:

    “And then turn everything around” Yup, That’s a fail.

  13. gk Johnson says:

    i am rubbish at betting but if u watch this channel then it will help

  14. beybaktube10 says:

    You already showed us the third bet in number 9 or 10 lol

  15. JSB HIFI says:

    Seriously though, really really need to do something about that camera.
    It’s 2015 not 1999. #Aspectratio

  16. TheAverageAnarchist says:

    I’m all like
    “Hey Comrade!”
    at 2:36

  17. The Puppet says:

    …. *Mind Blown*

  18. Akuma Kagesaki says:

    Agane and agane and agane xD

  19. Android18 says:

    0:58 you used string to balance that didn’t you? I don’t have a tooth pick
    to try it though, but someone say its legit. it looked like sorcery XD (not
    hating nor believing 100% thank you)

  20. Jimmy Robson says:

    I did the one where your guy can’t say seven and I did it on my brother and
    I got him

  21. Isabella Brown says:

    I love these things lol they r 2 funny!!!!! A secret for ppl who wanna
    comment but they can’t since they do not have a channel I will tell
    u.……… Make a channel but never use it only use it for comments… I’m
    smart for a 10 year old

  22. Mᴀsᴋᴡᴏʀᴛʜ says:

    Stop whining about the camera. This video doesn’t require HD. Nothing about
    this video would improve in a practical sense if it was HD. If you can’t
    see anything if it isn’t HD you need to get your eyes checked.

  23. Brett Robbins says:

    There’s something refreshingly utopian about this video series.

  24. Princessofthepuppies says:

    The one with saying 7 NEVER works on my friends. I always lose the bet.
    It always goes like this
    Me: What’s 2+2?
    Friend: 4.
    Me: What’s 1+2?
    Friend: 3.
    Me: What’s 3+3?
    Friend: 6.
    Me: I won the bet because you said 6.
    Friend: Oh… ok.
    Me: DAMNIT!

  25. MultiTheLosers says:

    didnt u guys do the horse trick in another episode?

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