「Lightning Returns: FF13」 Final Boss ~ “ブーニベルゼ – Hard Mode” (5★) [No Death/LimitBreak]

March 16, 2015 by Admin  
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24 Responses to “「Lightning Returns: FF13」 Final Boss ~ “ブーニベルゼ – Hard Mode” (5★) [No Death/LimitBreak]”
  1. Stinger says:

    This game was so handsome, i loved it, until the end. And finally, i have
    beat the holy god on his second form, i have some feeling of accomplishment

  2. MasterLightning1400 says:

    Dam…The final boss HP is over…..13,000,000O_O

  3. Akinori Ito says:

    Anyone else hear some of Saber’s Edge theme? Listen closely from 7:40 to
    about 7:45.
    I bet everyone already noticed this. :U

  4. Tonyable1 says:

    He used a second Punt. he has 2 punts on his Martial Monk. One of the Punts
    is maxed out. Thats how he is able to do so much damage with it. 

  5. ShadowCrowX says:

    I can’t wait to get this tomorrow, but man is it flashy. You sometimes
    can’t even see how Lightning is moving because there’s always bursts of
    energy surrounding her.

  6. Hexates says:

    Why did they make the field and his lower half a chess-field?! Why chess of
    all things?!

  7. Gamer Reaver says:

    Is there a trick to getting just attacks with monk kick?

  8. Chris Hawke says:

    Would you mind sharing your build and equipments set-up? 

  9. Stuart Glass says:

    damn that is some crazy battle

  10. fizzy White says:

    nice….kicked until he`s dead

  11. Nigel g says:

    Ok square enix your kind of going crazy with attack and health numbers your
    telling me that lightning did a 6 didget attack and his health barley

  12. MrAnthonyC84 says:

    Is this game any good?

  13. Kris Patel says:

    And where the hell did he get that katana??

  14. natchu96 says:

    Come on, you got defeated by a cosplayer? that’s embarassing!

  15. Janhyua says:

    you Punt is only level 2 how are you able to do 20k with it? o.o

  16. Elena Tito says:

    They cancelled the 500,000,000 OB … Fortunately!

  17. XxHelterSkelterxX says:

    +Christian H. if u want to get kick ability, u can have it from an outfit
    but i forgot where, i only its orang and yellow outfit which is L’ange Noir
    subtype, or fight this bird thing on yusnaan to get a kick ability.

  18. Kris Patel says:

    Why 2 punts?

  19. Logan Dorion says:

    question… can hard mode be unlocked right away on your first playthrough?
    or do you have to beat it first?

  20. Isual says:

    are there any super bosses ?

  21. RDGridJanika says:

    I cant seem to get a stagger on bhunivelze at stage 4, somehow whatever i
    attack him with lots of aero and fire constantly, it only goes up to yellow
    and then it goes back to null, someone can help with this?

  22. n64central says:

    How many NG+’s did you do to get this strong?

  23. sunsetdeska says:

    Hi LL, about Bhunny form 2, is it knock out the only way to kill him? and
    the knockout period pretty long =O. Does the knock out this time has
    certain period or it’s intend to be this way since you deal almost no
    damage to Bhunny when he is not in knockout stage..

  24. Dennislow408 says:

    Can u tell me,why he cause magic at u like aero,aerora,fire and
    thunder.Then u didn’t has damage.why????????
    And what is goddness mode????

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