★Terraria – Unlocking Hard Mode – Wall of Flesh – Tips & Tricks #1

December 25, 2014 by Admin  
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Terraria How to unlock Hard Mode – Killing the Wall of Flesh. IS SHOWN: Killing the Wall of Flesh to Unlock Hard Mode. You need to have a Voodoo Doll of the …
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25 Responses to “★Terraria – Unlocking Hard Mode – Wall of Flesh – Tips & Tricks #1”
  1. KennyGames says:

    I summoned him, died, and now can’t summon him

  2. Angelo Charalambous says:

    When i through the voodoo doll in the lava it doesent do any thing im on pc


    i dont think his fps is that bad atol

  4. arie ong says:

    you will win because you use the Hallow Armor why you don’t use use Necro
    Armor or Molten Armor

  5. Anton blaabjerg worsøe says:

    How do you find the hallow

  6. Maura Demeterio says:

    is that true how did you get wings

  7. swaggy kids says:

    It didn’t show the wall of flesh it killed the guide

  8. Mitch Sijnesael says:

    I had a voodoo doll that has Farm vlotjes on btw i found a murumassa and a
    eye of cthulu hat

  9. Stephen Carville says:

    Thank you

  10. nathan ciufo says:

    Does this work with iOS?

  11. James Raymond says:

    You killed It with a Excalibur before hard mode. The video didn’t help me
    at all.

  12. TwisT Clan says:

    One thing do you know how to go to hardcore mode on ipad because i killed
    the wall of flesh and it wont let me go to hardcore mode

  13. Benjywoo99 says:

    I did this on my own with shadow armour and killed him, but I used loads of
    potions :-)

  14. Archmage Windswept says:

    um do you mean hardcore mode or if you play using a hard mode character?
    well if it is the character you will die for good. Or if the world is in
    hardcore and your character is softcore you will just spawn back in.

  15. Zeppherno says:

    @SpecNDy3 hmm yeah i spose your right, me is dumb

  16. NotCasuals says:

    Yeah, once you kill the wall of flesh, you unlock hardmode, then d
    estroying the altars will spawn the new minerals.

  17. Zeppherno says:

    @ihateschoolx10 no, there wasn’t any hard mode monsters… DERP

  18. Uncle Crassius says:

    Water walking potions work on lava they helped alot

  19. NotCasuals says:

    @fireking38 I have pretty good gear, perfect Excalibur and a warrior emblem.

  20. 941bigboss says:

    you should do more terraria vids

  21. alexander johnson says:

    Accidentally posted that… With pre-hard mode gear please? Legendary
    Excalibur /Hallowed armor is NOT what pre hard mode people can use.

  22. JetHawkGames says:

    Question…. When you go into hard mode, does your items drop? Or do you
    keep them…

  23. NotCasuals says:

    @Vladulatios Flag ?

  24. Dylan Kretz says:

    more more

  25. Archmage Windswept says:

    Actually the wall of flesh spawns on the corner where you are closer to.
    for example: If you go to the far right the WoF will spawn on the right
    side this also works with the left side so it is recommended to build a
    bridge from a far end of a map.

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